Allison E. Jaggers
Artist Statement
I believe that the ideas we express to one another make us uniquely passionate, and how they are expressed can increase our zeal for change. Our thoughts can change the world around us and make us examine it differently. This potential makes art so vital; we can turn things upside down, give pause, and reflect on the world around us. Art shouldn’t just look interesting; it should say something, and take a good, hard look at the world that is around us and beyond our reach. I am inspired by artists like Miriam Shapiro, Martha Rosler, Louise Bourgeois, Ben Shan, and the Guerrilla Girls. It is their passionate spirits as well as my own that I bring to every piece I create. I came to be this fierce artist from my love for politics and debate, my intense compassion, and necessity that I see in the world around me. The first piece that brought me to the artist I am today is really My Generation because that was when I realized that every other aspect of who I am could be poured into a work and make something truly important, and say something that I needed to say. After that, I began to see the feminist thread in many of my pieces, and all of them relate to my world view, and my need for change. Any response to a work is a response I want and need from my audience. Join my artistic revolution. 
Artist Resume
B.F.A. from James Madison University, 2019
Work Experience
Designer, Continental, May 2019- Present
Visual Design Intern, Insomniac Design, June - August 2018
Customer Experience Design Intern, CFA Institute, June - August 2017
In Pursuit, D'art Center of Norfolk, Virginia, 2019
Juried Show 2019 (Juror Sandy Williams IV), James Madison University
Juried Show 2018 (Juror Anna Kell), James Madison University
Oldham Family, Charlottesville, Virginia
Jaggers Family, Williamsburg, Virginia
Gouterman Family, Fairfax, Virginia
Duke Gallery of Fine Art Collection, Harrisonburg, Virginia​​​​​​​